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We're Mike (44) & Addie (11), a daddy/daughter gaming duo. Sometimes we're joined by twins Heath & Hadleigh (8) for Mini-Gamers.
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This is our podcast's official home page. Each week, we discuss the videogames we play, the games we're looking forward to, and more. We cover Nintendo, PlayStation, XBox, PC, mobile and more, from current-gen systems to older and even vintage systems and games. This is a hobby for us, and we're always open to ideas and suggestions to improve the show.
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09/28/2016 - "Episode 116: That's How Sonic Dies" [Play Episode 116]
Free game codes return this week, with a give-away for Retro City Rampage DX on Steam (PC/Mac/Linux/MS-DOS) and PlayStation (PS4/PS3/PSP/Vita). It's just one of each this week. Will you be the lucky listener to solve the puzzle, fill in the blanks, and redeem one of the codes? If not, we're giving away two more codes the same way next week, so be sure to listen!

We talk a little about the annual Interactive Fiction Competition, which is just around the corner. These text-based adventure games are always free and range in quality from great to abysmal, and there's a possibility I may review or discuss some of them during the competition. After that, Addie reads this week's new game releases with her own commentary. Then our one listener email for the week is full of content, including an answer to last week's QotW about games with mismatched elements.

We have no quiz or top ten list this time, but game chat is abundant. My pre-recorded segments include a wrap-up on Recore (Xbox One), short spoiler-free reviews of Gone Home (PS4) and Bound (PS4), a quick update on Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice (3DS), and opening thoughts on God Eater Resurrection (PS4) and Wasteland 2: Director's Cut (PS4). Addie's Mobile Game of the Week is Smash Bandits (iOS). Following that, we talk about the two other games she's playing. Those are Alice: Madness Returns (Xbox 360) and Stacking (Xbox 360).

Mentioned in this episode:

More upcoming PS4 and Vita games at Limited Run Games
The 2016 Interactive Fiction Competition is about to begin
Check out Pawel's review/guide of Oceanhorn

Episode 116 is also available as an MP3 here.
09/21/2016 - "Episode 115: The Console Wars 2016" [Play Episode 115]
Occasional guest-host Bill joins us this week for an oversized episode full of game discussions. We relegate most of this to a post-recorded segment that appears late in the show, although it's as long as the main show, so that happens about halfway through the episode. That starts with a new top 10, courtesy of Bill, where he lists out the ways Xbox One has recently gotten a proverbial leg up on the Playstation 4.

This leads into a general discussion about the Sony vs. Microsoft console war (sorry Nintendo; you're not even involved). After this, Bill catches up on several months of gaming, with some talk about Wofenstein: The New Order and The Old Blood, the previous Wolfenstein on Xbox 360, The Banner Saga, Zombi (the PS4 version of ZombiU), Gone Home, To the Moon, Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, The Order 1886, The Last of Us Remastered, Life is Strange, The Cave, Costume Quest 1 and 2, Broken Age, and Remember Me.

Our usual segments before that include this week's new game releases, listener email, and a new Question of the Week. Write in and let us know if you've ever played a game that had some element or aspect that just didn't fit. Music that didn't match the tone of the story? Some gameplay hook that just didn't even need to be there? We'll talk about that on a future episode.

Addie's Mobile Game of the Week is Hay Day (iOS). In my pre-recorded segment, I have a wrap-up for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (PS4), opening thoughts on Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice (3DS), and my impressions so far of Recore (Xbox One). We also have a review of Roguelands (PC) courtesy of listener Christian. If you'd like to record a short two or three minute review of a game you've recently played, send it to us in .MP3 format (or whatever) for use in future episodes!

The music at the end includes a few tunes from this latest Phoenix Wright game.

Mentioned in this episode:

All about adventure game Skulls of the Toltecs at Wikipedia
Addie's Mobile Game of the Week is Hay Day, on iTunes

Episode 115 is also available as an MP3 here.
09/14/2016 - "Episode 114: Fewer Buns" [Play Episode 114]
News for this week includes the PlayStation 4 Pro, the release of PS4 firmware version 4.0, and the announcement of mobile game Super Mario Run. After a long list of this week's new releases (which is made even longer by a tangent discussion about Black Friday), we read this week's one and only listener email. It's about Fallout 4 and Skyrim mods not coming to PS4 after all, and a bit about earning trophies or achievements in games.

My pre-recorded segment is a review of point-and-click adventure Deja Vu II (GameBoy Color), and a partial review of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (PS4). I haven't quite finished this latest Deus Ex, but felt it was time to give more than just surface-level impressions. With luck, I'll wrap it up for next week with some final thoughts.

Addie and I then talk about the recently-released Ghostbusters game again (PS4), and Addie talks briefly about Roblox (PC) and Splatoon (WiiU). This leads into a new top ten list. This week, I count down my favorite point-and-click adventure games, with a few obligatory honorable mentions. This week's ending music is a selection of tunes from Deja Vu II.

Mentioned in this episode:

All about classic PC/GBC adventure game Deja Vu II at Wikipedia

Episode 114 is also available as an MP3 here.
09/07/2016 - "Episode 113: Hey Kids! Don't Sell Your Games" [Play Episode 113]
Featured this week are a podcast-related new top ten list, a challenging round of video game "Who Am I?", and a bit of monologue about retro game collecting. First, though, it's the usual segments: news, new releases, and email. News this week includes the free games line-up for September, for PlayStation Plus and Xbox Gold subscribers, which we just missed last week due to recording a few days early.

My pre-recorded segment includes more brief thoughts on Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (PS4), which I'll still be playing a week or two more. Also, I finished Deja Vu (GameBoy Color on Retron5) and Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands (PSP on PlayStation TV), so I have reviews for both. Addie's first Mobile Game of the Week for her new iPad is Tiny Tower (iOS). Apparently it's pretty great.

This week's ending music is a selection of tunes from retro classic point-and-click adventure game Deja Vu.

Mentioned in this episode:

All about classic NES/GBC/PC adventure game Deja Vu at Wikipedia

September 2016 PlayStation Plus line-up at PlayStation Blog
September 2016 Xbox Games with Gold line-up at Major Nelson's Blog

Episode 113 is also available as an MP3 here.
08/31/2016 - "Episode 112: The Inserration" [Play Episode 112]
Despite recording this episode earlier than usual, we have plenty to talk about. For Addie, it's more Roblox (PC), more Minecraft (PS4), and her Mobile Game of the Week, Word Trace (iOS). My pre-recorded segment is a No Man's Sky wrap-up (PS4) and a review of classic 8-bit action adventure game Xexyz (NES). In a second segment, post-recorded and added to the episode afterwards, I have opening thoughts on three more games I started playing. These are Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (PS4), Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands (PSP), and Deja Vu (NES).

Eight-year-old Heath, Addie's younger brother, is also back with a new episode of Mini-Gamers. It's episode 13, and as usual, he goes from game to game quickly. Unless I missed one, this includes Tennis in the Face, Headlander, Seralim, Minecraft, Bakugan Battle Trainer, and Armikrog.

In off-topic or tagentially-related discussions, Addie is amazed that people can actually build a PC, I discovered a few DOS 3.5" disk-based games in some old boxes for my collection, I explain Hatsune Miku to Addie, and she recaps the plot of her favorite commercial. Also, a new top-ten list this week is about all the ways that games are easier now than they used to be.

The ending music is a selection of tunes from Xexyz. For such a great game, the music is less memorable and more repetitive than many other NES classics. Still, it seemed appropriate after reviewing the game.

Mentioned in this episode:

All about NES game Xexyz at Wikipedia

Episode 112 is also available as an MP3 here.
08/24/2016 - "Episode 111: Smells Like the Valley" [Play Episode 111]
More off-topic stuff than usual opens this episode of the Video Game Generations Podcast. Part of that is due to Addie's well-intentioned question about my favorite books, which I answer thoroughly; not too thoroughly, though, because I can think of a dozen more favorites I didn't even mention.

After Addie reads the news and new releases, we have plenty of listener email to read and discuss. This includes questions about kids and their attraction to games based on movies and other non-game IP, a Playstation humble bundle, the games our listeners are playing, and answers to last week's QotW about which thing would be more welcomed: reviews or impressions of games outside my comfort zone (fighting, sports, racing, etc.) or more retro game coverage. Our new Question of the Week comes from email as well. As a gamer, how do you keep from getting sore and uncomfortable while playing? Do you have a tip to share? Or is it just a matter of getting up to stretch frequently?

My pre-recorded segment is a final wrap-up on Suikoden II (PS1), and my continued impressions of No Man's Sky (PS4). Addie talks about two games. These are Best Fiends (iOS) and NoNo Islands from Illusion Labs (iOS), the latter of which is her Mobile Game of the Week.

We ran out of time to include my latest top ten list, so we'll try to do that next week. Oh, and if you listen after the music, you might want to check back next week to find out whether or not Addie wins the donut bet.

Mentioned in this episode:

The Capcom Playstation Humble Bundle
Hyperion by Dan Simmons at Amazon.com
A Fire Upon the Deep by Vernor Vinge at Amazon.com
Tales of the Dying Earth by Jack Vance at Amazon.com

Episode 111 is also available as an MP3 here.
08/17/2016 - "Episode 110: Good Job Being Me" [Play Episode 110]
We have no quiz or top ten list this week, but in its place early in the show, it's the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine awards! It's a brief off-topic bit where I name DS9's most deserving characters in several categories: most changed, most annoying, most useless, and best acting. Guess which character gets the coveted Wallace Shawn award.

Then we have news, new releases, and email. Christian's android-based mobile game AsteroidDefense has been released. Pawel keeps it brief this week with his thoughts on Murdered: Soul Suspect and Shutshimi. Finally, good friend Bill (who needs to return as a guest host again) answers our recent QotW about favorite Double Fine / Tim Schafer games.

Game talk begins with my pre-recorded segment, in which I have very favorable opening thoughts on No Man's Sky (PS4). Next week, I hope to dive deeper into a discussion on the game's systems and what I'd like to see improved. After that, Addie and I talk about Stacking (Xbox 360) and Ghostbusters (2016/PS4). It's always nice when Addie has more to say about recently played games, but back-to-school could mean that her time will become even more limited.

In a half-formed, open-ended Question of the Week, I'm looking for opinions about what would be a better choice for the podcast: getting back into more retro games for review and discussion (NES, SNES, Genesis), or sometimes leaving my comfort zone and trying out games in genres that usually don't appeal to me (sports, racing, fighting, strategy, and multiplayer-only). Write in and let us know your thoughts on the matter, or for any gaming related reason. Email makes up an important part of the show.

Mentioned in this episode:

My space exploration browser-based epic StarLock
It's no longer playable, but here are some screenshots

An article about Myst-like one-man creation The Eys of Ara at IGN
Check out listener Christian's Asteroid Defense game for Android

Episode 110 is also available as an MP3 here.
08/10/2016 - "Episode 109: Pose Little Yarny" [Play Episode 109]
Did you know that a limited edition of Unravel for PS4 and Xbox One was recently released in small quantities as a BestBuy exclusive? I managed to get one, only to find out that the box only contains the Yarny figure. It doesn't actually come with the game, which they provide separately as a download code. We already have it digitally, and due to a mix-up in the process, I ended up with two codes. Both are given out in this episode, but as of posting this, the first one is already redeemed. If you're quick, and if you want Unravel on PS4, listen for the second code a short ways into this episode.

After news and new releases, it's our Fall Games Preview segment. It's that time again, when many big new games are scheduled for release in the last few months of the year. At the end, I share my top five most anticipated games coming out this year. Write in and let us know yours! Then, our solitary email this week is a great, thorough answer to last week's QotW about your favorite Double Fine games.

In game talk, Addie talks briefly about the multiplayer mini-games in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon (3DS) and Stretchmo (3DS). My pre-recorded segment wraps up Resident Evil 5 (PS4) after playing the two extra story missions. I also finished Lichdom: Battlemage (PS4), which I review in the same segment.

To end the show, this week's top ten list, inspired by Resident Evil, is my favorite zombie-themed games. This includes a few obligatory honorable mentions. So enjoy, and we'll see you next week!

Episode 109 is also available as an MP3 here.
08/03/2016 - "Episode 108: Walking and Talking Patty" [Play Episode 108]
With Addie away on vacation this week, we recorded most of this episode Saturday afternoon. There wasn't much news at the time, but we do cover this month's free Playstation Plus games and the new games releasing this week. Email includes an answer to our recent QotW about games that surprised you, plus a final decision (maybe?) on the "honorable mentions" debate.

Addie started playing two games, so her "what we're playing" contribution is opening thoughts on Double Fine's Headlander (PS4) and Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon (3DS). I have a brief bit to say about Mighty No. 9 (PS4), and a pre-recorded segment that includes an update on my ongoing year-long play-through of Suikoden II (PS1 on PSTV) and a review of Resident Evil 5 (PS4).

Instead of a new top ten list, Addie takes my video game console quiz. Play along and find out how well you know the makers and decades of launch for twenty consoles of prior generations. Our Question of the Week, devised by Addie, is to let us know your favorite Double Fine game. That's very specific, I know, but it was a spur of the moment choice.

Mentioned in this episode:

A console timeline up to the 7th Generation
Comprehensive console history with photos

August 2016 Free Games With Playstation Plus at the Playstation Blog

Episode 108 is also available as an MP3 here.
07/27/2016 - "Episode 107: Seven Flags" [Play Episode 107]
Early in this week's episode, we try something new. Recently, Addie has been a little too quiet at the start, so I decided to get her involved with a mini-quiz, where she must think of games that feature a certain detail or subject of my choosing. This may be a returning segment, since it seemed to help this week.

Before we read this week's email, news includes next month's free Xbox Games With Gold and the new games releasing this week. My pre-recorded segments are about my initial impressions of Resident Evil 5 (PS4), plus reviews of three games I finished -- Christopher Brookmyre's Bedlam (PS4), Broken Sword 5 Episode 2 (Vita), and Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma (Vita/PSTV). Addie's Mobile Game of the Week is Little Alchemy (iOS).

A new top ten list this week is about games from this console generation that seem very underrated. As for last week's QotW about games that surprised you, we're carrying that forward another week, since our next episode will be recorded three days earlier than usual. It'll release next Wednesday, though, as usual. If there's a game you didn't expect to like, but your tried it and liked it after all, write in and let us know.

This week's ending music comes from Bedlam, one of the games reviewed in this episode. It's only a small sample of the awesome music in this unique first-person shooter.

Mentioned in this episode:

A collection of articles about Firewatch
A collection of Nintendo NX rumors at IGN
August 2016 Free Games With Gold at Major Nelson's Blog

Episode 107 is also available as an MP3 here.
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