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We're Mike (45) & Addie (11), a daddy/daughter gaming duo. Sometimes we're joined by twins Heath & Hadleigh (8) for Mini-Gamers.
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This is our podcast's official home page. Each week, we discuss the videogames we play, the games we're looking forward to, and more. We cover Nintendo, PlayStation, XBox, PC, mobile and more, from current-gen systems to older and even vintage systems and games. This is a hobby for us, and we're always open to ideas and suggestions to improve the show.
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03/29/2017 - Episode 142: It's Another Episode [Play Episode 142]
Even though it's still March, I think Addie considers this our April 1st episode. Rather than spoil anything, I'll just leave it at that.

After news and new releases, an email from Pawel gives us a chance to talk briefly about Addie's role as co-host. Nothing is decided, and she's here for now, but the time may come when it's just me and Heath, as Addie's priorities change with school, friends, and various other activities and interests. The same email also gives me a chance to disagree with him about Horizon: Zero Dawn.

I have a brief update on Blaster Master Zero (Switch) and opening thoughts on Mass Effect: Andromeda (PS4). In my pre-recorded segment, I review Nier: Automata (PS4). After that, Addie has a short game review of her own. Then, in a new quiz, I challenge her to name the exclusive gaming platform (Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo) associated with each of sixteen iconic game characters. Bonus points are awarded if she can name a game featuring that character. Listeners can play along too.

Steam game codes given away this week are Time Mysteries: Inheritance Remastered and Broken Sword 1: Director's Cut. As always, the first person to fill in the blanks using simple show-related clues (the answers to which can be found at our website) gets one or both of these free games.

The ending music this week is the amusement park theme from Nier: Automata.

Episode 142 is also available as an MP3 here.
03/22/2017 - Episode 141: Just Don't [Play Episode 141]
Addie's back, but it's our shortest episode ever due to limited prep time and Addie getting a bit sick. I have no pre-recorded review segment this week, but I talk a little more about Blaster Master Zero (Switch) and my opening thoughts on NieR: Automata (PS4). Addie's gaming time was spent mainly on the 3DS with Stretchmo and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, but she also played a bit of Castle Crashers (Xbox 360) with Heath and Hadleigh.

In email, we talk about the ways we relate the similarities in games, losing cohesive storytelling in open world games, and the possibility of Horizon or Zelda copycats after the recent success of those games. That's after news and new releases.

Two Steam game codes are given away early in the show. These are Poker Night at the Inventory and Poker Night 2. If you're the first listener to solve the simple clues to fill in the blanks, you can redeem these PC games on Steam. Last week's Steam codes may still be available too, since I haven't received word yet that they're redeemed (as of this posting).

Episode 141 is also available as an MP3 here.
03/16/2017 - Episode 140: Superboss [Play Episode 140]
Heath returns again to guest-host in Addie's place, due to yet another scheduling conflict. We're trying to get things back on track, though. Next week, the plan is to return to our normal Tuesday night recording, with Addie back on the show. Somehow, the show runs longer with Heath. Keeping him focused on the subject at hand has been a challange.

This week, we talk about the upcoming PLAY Collective games on PS4, this week's new releases, more on the Nintendo Switch and upgrading your memory card, listener feedback about Horizon: Zero Dawn, and thoughts on recent events involving the co-host of a much more popular podcast.

In my pre-recorded segment, I give opening impressions of Blaster Master Zero (Switch) and a review of Horizon: Zero Dawn (PS4) -- without spoilers, of course. Heath talks briefly about everything he's playing, including Super Bomberman R (Switch), Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 (PS4), Tearaway Unfolded (PS4), Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Switch), and Snipper Clips (Switch).

In this week's top ten list, I count down my favorite 80's movies, but with one constraint. I choose movies that also happened to have an associated video game. This excludes many of my 80's favorites, but those are mentioned in a lengthy honorable mentions section.

Two Steam game codes are given away early in the show. These are Rest in Peace and the classic puzzle-platformer Limbo. If you're the first listener to solve the simple clues to fill in the blanks, you can redeem these PC games on Steam. And finally, the ending music this week is from Horizon's title theme. Enjoy!

Episode 140 is also available as an MP3 here.
03/09/2017 - Episode 139: No One Can Hear You Nod [Play Episode 139]
In a surprise twist, Addie had a second scheduling conflict on our alternate recording night, so younger brother Heath fills in as a guest host. It looks like next week will also be one day late, before we're back to our normal schedule of releasing on Wednesday, but at least Addie should be back to her regular hosting duties then.

With Heath here, though, we talk about the Nintendo Switch late in the show. We share our thoughts and early impressions of the new handheld/home hybrid console. Heath talks a little about The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and I try to steer him clear of anything that might be a spoiler. Before that, my pre-recorded segment is a few opening thoughts on Horizon: Zero Dawn (PS4). I'm saving a more in-depth review of the game until I finish it, hopefully by next week.

For this week's new game releases, Heath tries to guess what each game is about. There's some confusion, though, because at one point he thinks he's supposed to predict what it is without even hearing the title. After that, email dominates the show in what's probably this week's longest segment. Of all the weeks to get a whopping five emails from listeners -- some with questions specifically to Addie -- it's the one week she isn't here. Topics are interesting and varied, including recent movie recommendations, how we recommend games based on similarities to other games, a different take on Horizon: Zero Dawn, a recommendation for Super Mario 3D Land (3DS), what age is right for kids to start learning games with more advanced mechanics, the paradox that is game developer Spiders, and a mini-review of the recently-released game Night in the Woods.

This week's Steam game give-away, early in the show, is for TellTale's The Wolf Among Us. Solve the clue to be the first listener to redeem and win the code.

Episode 139 is also available as an MP3 here.
03/02/2017 - Episode 138: A Good Problem to Have [Play Episode 138]
With the Nintendo Switch releasing tomorrow, we combine a history lesson with this week's top ten list to bring you the ten best launch games on Nintendo consoles. They're ranked based on the one best game per console launch, so a weak launch might still rank highly if it included one stellar title. That's up late in the show.

Before that, email includes feedback about last week's list of hypothetical game character cross-overs, Gravity Rush 2, Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin, and a preemtive Nintendo friend request for when Mario Kart releases on the Switch.

News includes this week's new game releases (half of those being Switch launch titles) and the free games line-up for Xbox Gold and PlayStation Plus. In gaming updates, Addie has very little to say about what she played (Splatoon on Wii U and The Last Tinker on PS4). My pre-recorded segment includes a wrap-up for Nioh (PS4) after I managed to finish it late last week, and a spoiler-free review of the Portal-inspired first person puzzle game The Turing Test (PS4).

Steam game codes given away this week are The Last Tinker: City of Colors and S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Shadow of Chernobyl. Listen for that early in the episode and solve the clues to be the first person to claim the codes on Steam. The ending music this week is from a hidden radio in The Turing Test.

Mentioned in this episode:

The history of console launch games at Wikipedia

Episode 138 is also available as an MP3 here.
02/23/2017 - Episode 137: Fighting Band Nerds [Play Episode 137]
Topics from email this week include Sort the Court from Ludum Dare 34, Picross 3D, Broken Age, Nintendo's current place in the console wars, and the recent absence of video games featuring Disney princesses. We have no news this week (although the Xbox Games With Gold for March were announced and I forgot to include them), but plenty of new releases to talk about.

Addie's gaming time has still been very limited. She started over in The Sims Freeplay (iOS), and that's about it. My pre-recorded segment is more ongoing coverage of my time in Nioh (PS4), which is starting to throw some really tough late-game bosses at me.

Inspired by last week's question about video game crossovers, this week's top ten list imagines games where an important character gets replaced by a different character from some other game, leaving that character to invade a different game, and so forth. What crossovers would you find most interesting?

Steam game codes given away this week are BoneBone: Rise of the Deathlord and Insurgency. Listen for that early in the episode and solve the clues to be the first person to claim the codes on Steam.

Mentioned in this episode:

Nikhil recommends Ludum Dare 34 game Sort the Court

Episode 137 is also available as an MP3 here.
02/16/2017 - Episode 136: The Extra Pricey Edition [Play Episode 136]
We haven't been without a top ten list or a game/quiz in several weeks, but the streak is broken. Hopefully we've made up for it in the other segments, including email topics that cover last week's QotW about mid-generation console updates, the next game from Spiders, PS4 remote play using Playstation TV, and video game characters stumbling into a different game's world. Before all that, we have the usual news and new game release segments. And before that, even, listen for more codes given away for a Nioh PS4 dynamic theme and some Walking Dead games on Steam.

My pre-recorded segment this week is all about Nioh (PS4). I haven't finished it, and I'm likely not even half-way through, but I cover quite a bit more than last week. We also talk more about Borderlands 2 (PS4) from The Handsome Collection, after Addie decided to try it out in split-screen co-op with her brother and me. Addie's Mobile Game of the Week is Color Switch (iOS). She also talks about another tough-to-describe mobile puzzle game called Paper.io (iOS). After looking at it post-show, it seemed kind of like a blockier multiplayer version of Qix, at least in its basic concept.

This week's ending music is from the Nioh title screen. Next week, more Nioh talk (if there's anything left to say), and it'll be our third of five weeks recording on Wednesday evening for a Thursday release. We're almost half-way back to our usual schedule of a day earlier.

Episode 136 is also available as an MP3 here.
02/09/2017 - Episode 135: It's a Flurblur [Play Episode 135]
This episode starts a five-week span where we'll be releasing on Thursday instead of the usual Wednesday. After Addie's volleyball season is over, we should be back to the normal schedule.

After all the usual segments (including my thoughts on mid-generation console updates in response to an email, which is also our Question of the Week), I talk about what I've been playing. This includes a pre-recorded spoiler-free review of Resident Evil VII (PS4). Addie hasn't had time to play anything again this week.

I count down some of the best crowdfunding/Kickstarter success stories in this week's top ten list. After that, we have codes for two more games on Steam, courtesy of Bill, which happens very near the end since the games up for grabs kind of relate to the top ten list. To wrap up, this week's ending music is the safe room song from Resident Evil 7.

Mentioned in this episode:

See the free PSPlus games for February 2017 at that PlayStation Blog

Episode 135 is also available as an MP3 here.
02/01/2017 - Episode 134: That's What Hippies Do [Play Episode 134]
We have a plan for working around Addie's volleyball schedule. Starting next week with episode 135, we'll record one day late (Wednesday) and release on Thursday. After five weeks of this, we should be back to our usual Wednesday releases in mid-March with episode 140. So just a heads up on that.

After three more Steam code give-aways, news and new releases, we have several emails from listeners to share. This includes many suggestions for family-friendly tech/geek/game podcasts, thoughts on the Nintendo Switch as it relates to the more mainstream consoles from Sony and Microsoft, a suggestion for a new top ten list for a future episode, another reaction to a prior top ten list, and thoughts on TellTale's Batman and the cult of Pokemon (disclaimer: not a real cult).

In game chat, I talk a little about the split-screen co-op I played with Addie's brother Heath this weekend (Perfect Dark Zero backwards compatible on Xbox One, and Borderlands 2 from The Handsome Collection on PS4). Addie played nothing, or so she says, so all that's left is my pre-recorded wrap-up on Gravity Rush 2 (PS4). It's a great game with a time-consuming platinum trophy I haven't quite earned yet.

This week's "top" list is a follow-up to another recent top ten. This time, it's my top 13 video game tropes that would be horrible in real life. This was a lot of fun to discuss. Addie believes she may be living out one of these tropes for real. The show wraps up with the title theme from Gravity Rush 2. And don't forget: next week begins a five-episode run of posting one day late.

Mentioned in this episode:

Fallout New Vegas 2? I highly doubt it, but FragHero says Yes

Episode 134 is also available as an MP3 here.
01/25/2017 - Episode 133: Narnia on a Budget [Play Episode 133]
Two more games on Steam are given away, scavenger hunt style, in this week's episode. From the looks of things, we have Steam codes to last a long time. Then after the news, Addie helps out with this week's new game releases in a segment you might consider Alternate Facts. In email, we learn that last week's top ten list about video game abilities I wish I had in real life was a hit, and we talk a little about what influences us to buy any new game console. That's our question of the week for listeners. Write in and let us know what you look for when deciding if a brand new console is right for you. For instance, are you getting a Switch?

Addie talks about Call of Duty 2 split-screen again (Xbox 360) and AdVenture Capitalist (iOS). My pre-recorded segment is a partial review of Gravity Rush 2 (PS4), or, if you prefer, my lengthy opening thoughts on what I've played so far.

This week's top ten list is inspired by Pawel's list from last week's email. This time, I count down my favorite 1000 gamerscore or platinum trophy in games, with the longest list of honorable mentions ever -- thankfully relegated to the post-show outtake section.

Mentioned in this episode:

The Super Best Friends Video Game Sleepover Podcast and Twitter
Enthusiacs has several great Podcasts and they're on Twitter
Level up in real life with this info from LifeHacker

Episode 133 is also available as an MP3 here.
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